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There are several agencies that specialize in social media management around the world and in this day and age, we know it’s essential for companies to be efficiently represented on these platforms. In fact, social media is an excellent way to interact with your clients on a regular basis while also serving as a window into your organization.

There are several benefits to entrusting your social media channels to a specialized agency like ours, including saving on costs. In fact, relying on an agency is less expensive than hiring a part-time employee. But before you hand over the reins of your Facebook page or other accounts, you need to make sure the team you select is trustworthy and that they’ll be able to work with you to help your brand reach its full potential.

As for the ESCOUADE IMPACT, our main mission is to understand our clients and to build a relationship of trust with every one of them. That means that to fulfill each of our mandates, we need to rely on different skillsets. If we are working with clients in the automobile industry for instance, we become sales representatives. If we are working with clients in the food service industry, we become hostesses of their organization. We’ve even been called upon to become delegates of the education sector for some of our clients. In that same vein, we’re also accountants, artists, event planners, travel agents, makeup artists, and much more. No matter your field of expertise, our goal remains the same: to accurately represent your organization on social media and to interact with your community as if we were part of your team. In addition, we also carefully monitor your online reputation at all times. Your clients are our clients. Your mission is our mission.

“You are not only professionals, but humans and you treated us as such too. You never considered us to be simply anonymous numbers. You treat us with personalized attention just like if we were friends!”
 Jacques Denault

Why trust us to manage your social media?

Since 2012, our team of experts has boosted the image of several brands on social media thanks to diverse strategies that are always adapted to their specific needs. In addition to managing communities and digital advertising, we also take care of professional photography, producing videos, graphic design, writing copy for blogs, and much more. If you have a project in mind, we can help you see it through. There are no limits to what we can do… and we take your success to heart!

Why work with us?

  1. Our experience. With several years of experience under our belt, we’ve developed advertising strategies that generate tangible results.
  2. Our personalized approach!
  3. Our availability: 24/7, at any time. If you have a question, comment, concern, the ESCOUADE is there for you.
  4. Our professionalism. Your company is important to you and it is to us. Our work needs to meet your expectations.
  5. Our sense of humour and cheerfulness. We love what we do, and we have fun doing it!
  6. Our efficiency.