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When used effectively, social media is an excellent way to help people communicate with each other and with brands. We oversee accounts for several companies and we sometimes read comments or opinions that are a bit trickier to deal with… That’s why we’ve put together a list of a few “commandments” that would make interacting on social media much more pleasant. The following list is all in the spirit of good fun!

  1. Thou shalt reveal who you are
    It’s understandable that some people might prefer to conceal their identity when creating a social media account. However, when it’s time to publish an opinion or negative comment, please understand that we need your full name to follow up with our client so they can get in contact with you. If you tell us that the company already has your name in their system and we can only see your first name on Facebook for instance, we cannot guess your identity.
  2. Thou shalt publish constructive comments
    Don’t like a brand or product? It happens. Is it really necessary though to comment on every post that has to do with that product to share your opinion? We’ll let you answer that one…
  3. Thou shalt remain respectful
    We are all human. And to err is human! It is possible that a company made a mistake when providing you with their services. When you contact this company on social media, there’s a human on the other side of the screen. We always do everything we can to fix the situation as quickly as possible, but please, there’s no need to insult us!
  4. Thou shalt be understanding
    We work with several clients in the automobile and food service industries and we frequently get requests for more information on car prices or ingredients in a dish. In these cases, we’re happy to make the inquiries necessary and get you the answers you seek. There might be a delay between your question and our answer. But rest assured that we are doing everything we can to get these answers as quickly as possible. And if we ask for your contact information, it’s simply to put you in direct contact with the client who can then reach out to you to answer your question in detail!
  5. Thou shalt rely on common sense
    If you’re satisfied with the service you received from a company, we invite you to share this experience on the company’s social media channels. We’re always happy to read positive comments and to share them with our clients! If you’re unhappy and you’ve contacted the company but have not received an answer within a reasonable amount of time, you can leave a negative comment on their Facebook page… but before doing so, ask yourself if you’d say those exact words if you were face to face with another human being or if you’d like to be on the receiving end of that kind of comment. Even if you insult us, we won’t be able to fix the situation more quickly. If you act rationally and rely on common sense, everyone wins!